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Experiencing weakness or numbness in your arms or legs? Nerve testing may be the best option to pinpoint the root cause of your physical issue. Nerve testing is also a great way for our medical team to measure the severity of an injury and to determine if your treatments are working.

Nerve testing typically takes less than 30 minutes depending on the number of nerves tested.

We'll give you a set of easy instructions about how to ready yourself for a nerve test. Generally keeping the area to be tested warm, dry and free of lotions provides the best result.


We'll need your skin temperature to be warm if possible for the test. If you have a low body temperature, you could have slow nerve conduction which would falsely change test results.

Easy preparation for the test

If you have normal results from your nerve testing, you have no evidence of measurable damage or disease in the nerve. This test does not measure pain, as it may be a different sensation for everyone. In some circumstances, nerve disease may still exist despite normal results. The reason for this is that your healthy fibers in the same nerve may show a normal reaction time. Call us to learn more about nerve testing.

Quick feedback on the results

The small amount of current sent through your nerves is always at a very safe level. If you wear a pacemaker or other electrical devices, there will not be enough interference to impede the proper function of your device.

Nerve testing is a safe treatment option

Quick and non-invasive nerve testing

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