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Advanced Physical Therapy & Chiropractic

Our medical team tailors your treatment to your unique needs. We do more than just mind you symptomatic relief - we treat the problem at its source.

No matter if your condition is muscular, spinal, or caused by a sports or accidental injury, we are dedicated to finding a solution to restore you back to optimal health.

We are available in our Liberty office for appointments six days a week. If your pain cannot wait, we offer immediate appointments for the quick relief you need.

50+ years of experience

Fast pain relief

A holistic approach

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Free yourself of pain and improve your life

The medical doctors, chiropractic physicians and physical therapists of Advanced Physical Therapy & Chiropractic work together to remedy your source of pain.

Senior doctor checking young patient's test result Knee diagram Joint injury Physiotherapist in his practice, he explains to a female patient the vertebral column and the emergence of back pain

Advanced Physical Therapy & Chiropractic: Practical Pain Management in Liberty, NY

For more than five decades, the team at Advanced Physical Therapy & Chiropractic has been providing comprehensive pain management and physical therapy for clients in areas including Liberty, NY and Sullivan County, NY. If discomfort is interfering with your way of life, contact us today. We’re ready to help.

Tailored Chiropractic Treatments and More

We believe in an individualized approach for anyone who comes into our office. Whether you’re recovering from a sports-related injury or dealing with persistent neck pain with no apparent cause, let us offer treatments that could help you feel better and enjoy pain-free days once again.


By meeting with experts like a chiropractor or physical therapist, you can benefit from a multi-faceted treatment plan that takes your needs into account. You are an individual, and your treatments should target the specific symptoms that are causing unnecessary suffering.

We Make Pain Management Accessible to You

Unfortunately, many people force themselves to deal with constant discomfort, believing the cost of getting help would be too great. Advanced Health & Medical accepts most types of insurance coverage, including Worker’s Compensation and No Fault. Get in touch today and learn how assistance from a physical therapist, chiropractor, or other medical professional can fit your budget.

Convenience for Clients in Liberty, NY and Sullivan County, NY

Advanced Physical Therapy & Chiropractic combines the knowledge of medical doctors, chiropractic specialists and physical therapy experts, so you can receive effective and comprehensive care.


We’re open six days a week, including Saturday, and immediate appointments are available. Come see us today and learn more about available treatments or make an appointment.